List of Returns under XBRL

Sr. Department Returns Description Status
1 DBR Form A Section 42 return, Used for compilation of CRR Live
2 DBR Form VIII Statement of demand and time liabilities and investments for calculation of SLR Live
3 DBR Form IX Statement showing unclaimed deposits required to be listed as statutory list Live
4 DBR Financial Statement Financial Statement of banks Live
5 DBS ALO Asset Liability Exposure (Overseas) Live
6 DBS CME Country Maturity Exposure Live
7 DBS RLC Report on Large Credit Live
8 DBS CRILC Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC) Live
9 DBS CRILC-SMA2 Central Repository of Information on Large Credits (CRILC) - Special Mention Account 2 Live
10 DBS IRS Interest Rate Sensitivity (Rupee) Live
11 DBS PC&I Problem Credit and Investments Live
12 DBS RCA3 Return on Capital Adequacy III Live
13 DBS RLE Report on Large Exposure Live
14 DBS ROF Report on Fraud Live
15 DBS ROP Return on Profitability Live
16 DBS SIR Interest Rate Sensitivity (Forex) Live
17 DBS SSL Statement of Structural Liquidity Live
18 DBS STDL Short Term Dynamic Liquidity Live
19 DBS Phishing Return Phishing Return Live
20 DCBS PSA Returns for priority sector advances of the Urban Co-operative Banks Live
21 DCBS ALM Returns for Asset Liability Management, Related to assets and liabilities in different time bucket Live
22 DSIM Form X Monthly assets and liabilities of domestic operations, estimation of household financial savings Live
23 DSIM NRD-CSR Non-resident deposits comprehensive single return on NR/FCNR deposits and their transactions in a month Live
24 FED GPB Gap Positions and Balances Live
25 FED FCY Consolidated information relating to exposures of corporate in foreign currency Live
26 FED Import of gold Import of gold by EOUs, units in SEZ/EPZ and nominated agencies Live
27 FED LoU Statement on guarantees letter of undertaking letter of comfort issued by authorised dealer bank Live
28 IDMD PDR I Statement on Sources and Application of Funds Live
29 IDMD PDR II Statement on Securities Market Turnover Live
30 IDMD PDR III Statement on Capital Adequacy Live
31 IDMD PDR IV Statement on Select Financial and Balance Sheet Indicators Live
32 IDMD Stress Test Stress Test Live
33 IDMD IRS Test Interest Rate Sensitivity Test Live
34 DBS ALE Asset Liability Exposure Parallel
35 DBS BSA Balance Sheet Analysis Parallel
36 DBS CPR Consolidated Prudential Report Parallel
37 DBS FMR – 4 Report on Dacoits/ Robberies/ Theft/ Burglaries Parallel
38 DBS MAP Maturity and Position Parallel
39 DBS RAQ Report on Asset Quality Parallel
40 DBS RBS Risk Based Supervision Parallel
41 DBS RCL Report on Connected Lending Parallel
42 DBS ROC Report on Ownership and Control Parallel
43 DBS ROR Report on quality Operating Results Parallel
44 DBS ROS Report on Subsidiaries (Indian Operation) Parallel
45 DBS VMR – 1 Report on Action Plan in Public Sector Banks Parallel
46 DBS VMR – 2 Report on Security Arrangements in Public Sector Banks Parallel
47 DBS VMR – 3 Report on action taken by banks against delinquent employees for their involvement in cases of frauds and corrupt practices Parallel
48 DCBS Form B Statement of External Liabilities and Core Assets Parallel
49 DCBS CRAR Capital Adequacy of the Urban Banks Parallel
50 DCBS OSS I Statement on Assets and Liabilities Parallel
51 DCBS OSS II Statement on Earnings Parallel
52 DCBS OSS III Statement on Asset Quality Parallel
53 DCBS OSS IV Statement on Non-Performing Assets Parallel
54 DCBS OSS V Statement on Segment/ Sector-wise Advances Parallel
55 DCBS OSS VI Statement on Connected Lending Parallel
56 DCBS Form I Statement of Compliance with CRR and SLR Parallel
57 DCBS Form IX Asset & Liabilities as at the close of business on last Friday of the Month Parallel
58 FED MTSS Return Money Transfer Service Scheme Return Parallel
59 FED FVCI Market value of FVCI Parallel
60 FED OCB return Monitoring of disinvestments by Overseas Corporate Bodies Parallel
61 DCBS OSS VIII Statement on Bank Profile Parallel
62 DCBS DIR I Statement showing details of Advances against Security of Shares/ Debentures Parallel
63 DCBS DIR IV Statement on Information in respect of Loans & Advances to Bank’s Directors Parallel
64 DCBS DIR III Daily Call and Notice Money Operations during the fortnight Parallel
65 DCBS Form VI Form VI- Statement on Offices in India Parallel
66 DCBS MIS - I Statement on Doubtful, Loss or Suit filed account of Rs. 1 crore & above Parallel
67 DCBS MIS - II Statement on Wilful defaults of Rs. 25 lakh & above Parallel
68 DCBS Investment in UCBs UCB's Investment in other UCBs / Institutions Parallel
69 DCBS Form II Statement of Unsecured Loans and Advances to Directors/ Firms in which they have Interest Parallel
70 DCBS Form VIII Statement of Unclaimed Deposit Accounts not operated more than 10 years Parallel
71 FED BEF Statement Statement showing the details of remittances effected towards import Parallel
72 FED RDA Remittances under Rupee Drawing Arrangements Parallel
73 DBS ALE-FID Report on Assets and Liabilities - RBI - FID Under Development
74 DBS FMR – 1 Report on Actual or Suspected Frauds in Banks, as and when occurred Under Development
75 DBS FMR – 2 Report on Actual or Suspected Frauds in Banks - quarterly Under Development
76 DBS FMR – 3 Quarterly Progress Report on Large Value Frauds Under Development
77 DBS RAQ-FID Report on Asset Quality - RBI - FID Under Development
78 DBS RCA1-FID Report on Capital Adequacy - RBI - FID Under Development
79 DBS RCA-I Report on Capital Adequacy Under Development
80 DBS RCL-FID Report on Subsidiaries/ Associates/ Affiliates and Connected Lending Under Development
81 DBS RLC-FID Report on Large Credits - RBI – FID Under Development
82 DBS ROC-FID Report On Ownership And Control - RBI FID Under Development
83 DBS ROR-FID Report on Operating Result - RBI - FID Under Development
84 DCBS Returns for Rating Model Returns for Rating Model Under Development
85 DCBS FMR - 1 Report on Actual or Suspected Frauds in Urban Banks Under Development
86 DCBS FMR - 2 Quarterly Report on Frauds Outstanding Under Development
87 DCBS FMR - 3 Quarterly Progress on Large Value Frauds Under Development
88 DCBS FMR -4 Report on Dacoits / Robberies / Thefts / Burglaries Under Development
89 DCBS Inspection Annex - I Statement on Liabilities and Assets Under Development
90 DCBS Inspection Annex - II Analysis of Profitability Under Development
91 DCBS Inspection Annex - III Statement on Profile of Investments Under Development
92 DCBS Inspection Annex - IV Profile of Non-Performing Assets Under Development
93 DCBS Inspection Annex - V Divergence in Asset Classification and Understatement of other Liabilities and Expenditure Under Development
94 DCBS Inspection Annex - VI Details of Own Resources, Outside Liabilities and Realisable Value of Assets Under Development
95 DCBS Inspection Annex - VII Computation of Assessed Net-worth as on the date of Previous Inspection and Current Inspection Under Development
96 DPSS ATM State-wise State-wise ATMs data Under Development
97 DSIM Statement on Number of Branches/ Offices/ ATMs of banks Statement on Number of Branches/ Offices/ ATMs of banks Under Development